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Our Services

We hire equipment , along with DJ’s that cater for your needs.


For all small venues we have the Active System.

Bass Bins

Used for all large venues, to reach the capacity of long halls etc.

Pa Bass Bins For Large Venues

Amplifier Rack

One of the Amplifier Racks to choose from, contact DJ Triple X to discuss further.


How long can i hire your equipment for? As long as your party lasts on a hourly rate.

Do i have to pay any monies up front? Yes, a Deposit for hire, inclusive of liability costs.

Do i get my deposit back if i cancel? No,  if cancellation is  less than72 hours before the event, this is due to Alliances Policy.

What if i have lost my venue but still need my party to go ahead? Alliance will support you in getting another venue/Marquee.

Is transporting equipment included in the prices? Yes prices included hire, transporting etc.

Do you cater for just adults? No, we cater for all ages.

Can i pay in installments before the big day? Yes, all payments through electronic payment & cash, after deposit paid, the rest on arrival.

Will i be contacted with confirmation of my party details etc? Yes and a receipt of details forwarded via email etc.

Have you a Birthday, Graduation, Special Occasion to Celebrate?

Secure your Bookings ASAP, Don’t miss out on the Alliance experience, you’ll not regret!

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.